Project Description

John and Allyson

John and Allyson live in a barn conversion and came to Mascari for inspiration for a new kitchen. The existing kitchen was a traditional wood veneer style with a door leading into the ‘Snug’.

As it was a barn conversion the kitchen benefited from a beautiful wooden truss and having had a look at the option of replacing the existing kitchen with more or less the same as what they had, we proposed a design concept that removed the dividing wall and was to include another truss to compliment the existing one thus creating a great open living space.

John and Allyson are very sociable people and their home is shared by their grown sons and needed therefore to accommodate their multi-generational needs and activities. They also wanted something that was more contemporary and minimal. Space had to accommodate cooking, dining, socialising, and relaxing.

Portfolio Mascari

Having got their approval to explore the option of opening up the two rooms, we began to work on the design concept. Needless to say, there was a lot to consider from an ergonomic perspective, this design was to deliver both form and function. We also wanted to specify some bespoke materials and current textures and technology.

One of the biggest challenges in a room with a vaulted ceiling is to design and build an extraction unit that function to maximum capacity and extracts to the outside. The kitchen is now part of the living space so extraction has never been more important, as are the decibels from the built in appliances. Creating a fusion of light that offers both task and ambient/mood lighting.

Having liaised with the contractors through out the project, we project managed the installation from conception to completion. John and Allyson, with tremendous attention to detail, applied the finishing touches to what is now a spectacular open living space to enjoy and share with friends and family. Food is best when shared with loved ones in celebration.

John and Allyson about the project:

After much research and a lot of careful consideration, we engaged Mascari kitchens to carry out the design and installation of our new kitchen. Our project was to incorporate some quite major building alterations, and this presented a number of additional design challenges. At all stages of the planning process, the team at Mascari worked very closely with us and our builders to ensure that when the installation started disruption would be kept to a minimum.

The overall design, attention to detail and the willingness for Team Mascari to commit to delivering something exceptional meant that we were confident that the finished product would be exactly what we wanted.

Following a number of meetings where we looked at all aspects of the style, ergonomics and materials, we agreed upon a design that would offer a contemporary look along with delivering a kitchen workspace that would be very practical to live with. It would incorporate very durable raw materials that would offer versatility with the hope that it would still look as good in ten years as when fitted!

The ergonomics of the kitchen were carefully considered. Everything was thoughtfully positioned to make the kitchen as easy to use as possible. Thought was given to ensuring the kitchen functionality would not be compromised as future old age potentially hampered bending and lifting.

The new kitchen was designed to be a living area as well as cooking and eating space and therefore the need for effective ventilation became a major factor. Rob Mascari designed an amazing custom built suspended canopy. This was cleverly suspended from the vaulted ceiling and incorporated LED lighting and an extraction hood.

The extraction was serviced by stainless steel ducting to the outside of the building giving an engineered look that blends superbly with a modern kitchen and still suits the traditional natural brick and wood features of a barn conversion. After all of the careful planning, the installation was very efficient. Disruption was minimised as much as possible, and the team worked very hard to ensure every detail was executed to the highest standard.

We are extremely happy with the end result and are sure that all the time, care and attention to detail invested during the design and planning phase will give us a kitchen that we want for many years to come.