Renee Mascari

Mascari was established ten years ago as a kitchen design studio with one mission and that was to deliver good design and a high standard of installations.
Meeting our clients expectations and delivering design solutions that meet their ever changing lifestyles and individual criteria.

With extensive industry experience we have been able to build a reputation of not only producing good design solutions but client care and trust.

We have contributed to developing education within the industry, been Industry Design Award Judges, received Services to Industry awards and currently lecture in Kitchen Design at colleges, university and our own School of Design.

In 2017 Mascari become a member of the KBSA (Kitchen Bathroom and Bedroom Association) dedicated to upholding the Association’s high standards of design, supply, installation and customer service throughout the KBB industry.

Mascari Essentials:

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Our Partners:

At Mascari we are the home of good design.
Careful consideration is given first to understanding how you live within your kitchen to be able to
propose an effortless, conformable and practical environment with the correct preparation areas.
From smooth sliding doors, clever storage solutions, multiple solid surface options, wine coolers &
cool lighting, we have everything covered.