Your kitchen journey starts at home!

Keeping your mind open whilst the doors are closed…is this the perfect time to consider improving your home?

A fortnight ago, we had to temporarily close the doors to our showroom following the vital message of “Stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives”.

Things still continue for us behind the scenes with projects ongoing, but I thought maybe this was the perfect time to pencil a mini series of tips, tricks and advice that could help you to start thinking about improving your home, placing you primed and ready to go once the floodgates are opened.

Perhaps you’ve been pondering the thought of an extension or remodelling of your home? Creating your dream living space is far more than just bricks, mortar and concrete, it is an enhancement to your life.

But the difficulty is often knowing where to start. That’s where I know we can help.

In this first piece, I’d like to get you drawing on your own inspiration by searching in the right places and being creative yourselves. A successful project grows from a vision – that vision is yours.

Are you feeling moody?

Creating a mood board is simple and fun. It’ll take you back to being a child again and that’s the perfect place to start!

Often easier said than done, but throw away the thoughts of responsibility and duty and start thinking about what makes you smile. Think about the places, the things, and most importantly, the people that make you happy. These memories and aspirations will form the basis of your project.

Now start to create your mood board. You’ll have fun getting crafty with the scissors and messy with the Pritt Stick. You can all do it together, as a family. Pull out your collection of old photos, look to nature if you love the outdoors. Old cookery books and favourite recipes? Throw them in. You are essentially starting to build a model of how you want (and will ultimately achieve) your lives to be lived.

Now, perhaps you’ve been thinking about your project for a while? If so, I guess you’ve been collecting magazines and newspapers – ask everyone in family to rustle through the pages and tear out the bits they love. Cut them up and add them on top of your now taking shape mood board.  You may even find as you get into it that a couple of different themes evolve – this is great, even if they contrast – there are many aspects that can be pulled together.

So give it a go, have some fun and remember the most important thing…this is your family space, not your neighbours’!

Searching for inspiration

Hopefully by now your lounge floor is cluttered with magazine clippings and cookery books, but I wanted to steer you back online.  There you’ll find a great amount of material so I’ve complied a simple list of websites and hashtags to view or follow.

Our furniture manufacturer is Masterclass Kitchens, but we do offer a fully bespoke service as well. Please download the brochure here:   You can also follow Masterclass on Twitter and Instagram, see below.

Pinterest is a great tool when searching for kitchen inspiration. You can create your own boards by simply ‘Pinning’ any picture you like the look of.

Instagram has grown to be one of the largest platforms for sharing material. Follow these hashtags…. @kitchensbymascari #kitchendesign #kitchenrenovation #kitcheninspo #interiordesign #interiorinspo @kitchens_of_insta

Twitter – all the best magazines and manufacturers have Twitter presence. Here are a few to follow…. @ktchnsbymascari @masterclasskitc @kitchenthinkuk @kbbmagazine @ekbbmag @westinhoods

Houzz – A great website brimming with ideas for the whole house

Finally, please also check out the Kitchen Buyer’s Guide – this will be an invaluable tool as your journey progresses.

Let us know if we can help

Hopefully this has started to give you a little inspiration. These are of course difficult times for everyone, but let’s not waste the opportunity of some time and do some thinking about your home.

Whilst we are currently unable to show you around our products, we can easily talk on the phone and introduce you to what we can offer. Please feel free to contact us by email, or call me on my mobile 07879 634598.

Let’s Work Together


We would love to be involved with your project. Please drop us a line.