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Your kitchen journey starts at home! Keeping your mind open whilst the doors are closed...is this the perfect time to consider improving your home? A fortnight ago, we had to temporarily close the doors to our showroom following the vital message of "Stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives". Things still continue for us behind the scenes with projects ongoing, but I thought maybe this was the perfect time to pencil a mini series of tips, tricks and advice that could help you to start thinking about improving your home, placing you primed and ready to go once the floodgates are opened. Perhaps you've been pondering the thought of an extension or remodelling of your home? Creating

Bucks New Uni – Residential 3 – 18/19 – Kitchen Ecology

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Bucks New University FDA Kitchen Design - Residential weekend 3 - 2018/19Unless you are the President of the USA, you'll probably appreciate tackling climate change is the most pressing issue that we as inhabitants of this planet must address to safeguard the future of the next generation.Sustainability is on the tip of most of our designing tongues but what does it really mean?  Why do we stop short of spitting it out and how do we alter our approach to design to do so sustainably?  I don't believe we need to tear up the rule book and start again - instead we should enhance our trusted methods and integrate a new mind-set, new targets but most importantly, have a

Bucks New Uni Fda Kitchen Design – Residential weekend 2

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Residential Weekend 2 - Lane End Conference Centre Last September, I was asked to join the team at Bucks New University and deliver the Project Management module for the final year students of the Fda in Kitchen Design. Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity! Affording me a head start, my wife Sam recently graduated from the course so I am already rather familiar with the set up and course content. I must though however, admit to regularly viewing her studies and experiences with a slight eye of envy, especially when noting the guest speaker line ups, organised events and of course the level of mentoring by way of the now established tutors and course leaders. Due to previously booked